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Alpha Project
Developer Spellweaver
Theme Fantasy, Crafting
Influences Brogue, Prey 2017, Faustian legend
Released 10.11.2020
Updated 03.01.2022 (v0.0.3b)
Licensing Closed source
P. Language Lua (LÖVE2D)
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length several hours
Official site of Alchemist

Alchemist is a low-fantasy roguelike built around the idea of strategically using consumables and crafted tools rather than your character's physical or supernatural might.

Current features

  • Detailed 64x64 tiles, soft lighting and special effects.
  • Sounds and music (composed specially for the project). Positional sounds.
  • Fully fledged dialogue system. A lot of dialogue from main character and npcs.
  • Quest journal.
  • Unique alchemy system with raw materials refined into essential components that represent abstract qualities: "something sinister" can be a bat wing, or a spider net, "something verdant" is a bunch of leaves or a young branch, "something boreal" is spearmint oil or glacial water. Those components are then used to create potions and tools.
  • Almost every item in game is a potential source of valuable components. There is no such thing as useless loot.
  • Highly interactive environment. A lot of objects in game can be interacted with in many ways, with either bare hands or certain potions: smash barrels, shatter walls, fell trees, start wildfires, then douse them.
  • Flavor text for everything: item descriptions, crafting recipes, objects on the map.
  • Infinite number of locations to mark on your map and subsequently travel to, with procedurally generated descriptions and accompanying dialogue.
  • Custom AI for every creature type.
  • Combat designed around using your consumables and tools for every fight. Mindlessly punching your enemies is not a valid option.



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