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Alpha Project
Developer Maugrift
Theme Sci-fi, Space, Survival, Simulation
Influences FTL: Faster Than Light, No Man's Sky, Dwarf Fortress
Released 28 Jun 2017 (v0.5)
Updated 21 Sep 2017 (v0.7)
Licensing Freeware, Open source - GPL (source)
P. Language Java (Uses AsciiPanel, SquidLib, APWT)
Platforms Windows, Java
Interface Full color ASCII (with tiles), Keyboard
Game Length Short, but open ended
Official site of EverSector

EverSector is a space-themed Roguelike where the player pilots a starship through a large, procedurally generated, yet finite galaxy. It is written in Java and available as a Windows executable or cross-platform jar file. EverSector's source code is available on Bitbucket, along with experimental builds.


  • Infinite, procedurally universe divided into galaxies
  • Populous systems with space stations, planets, and other ships
  • Terrain generation on planets
  • Full customization of your ship with modules, weapons, and storage units
  • NPC ships with the same capabilities as the player
  • Detailed faction system with claiming and converting
  • Faction leaders who can rise to power through elections or coups
  • Fluctuating faction economies and relationships
  • Window-based display with full-color ASCII and simple tiles
  • Music and sound effects
  • Saving and loading from seeds
  • Leaderboard system to track your high scores


See the Trello board for details.

  • Construction system for ships, items, and stations
  • Dynamic faction creation
  • Faction vassalizing and hierarchies
  • Planetary bases
  • Fleets of ships
  • Crew system
  • Missions
  • Bounties
  • Communication network