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Heres a link to the download (Windows only)


Gunkle Game (name work in progress)is a silly roguelike starring a big nosed fellow named gunkle. Delve down 4 temples to defeat the unknown beast that lay wait within the dungeon below. Heavily inspired by a few roguelikes I've played, and some of the roguelites I've played, I'm aiming to make a more visual roguelike to get more people into playing traditional roguelikes while maintaining the depth of a typical roguelike. In the current build the game features: 30 unique weapons Equip able shirts, boots, socks, boxers, and rings Unique inventory slot upgrades 5 spell books 4 skill books 10 identifiable potions 6 identifiable scrolls An assortment of silly enemies with unique effects and properties 1 and a half temples to play through!



Let me know what you guys think of the game, I'd love some feedback from some hardcore roguelike fans to see what I can do to give this game a bit more depth if it feels lacking.