Reflector: Laser Defense

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Reflector: Laser Defense
Alpha Project
Developer Michael Moore (@mscottmooredev)
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Hoplite, Vicious Orcs, Dwarf Fortress, Kingdoms and Castles, Surviving Mars
Released November 22, 2019
Updated January 22, 2021
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language JavaScript (TypeScript, React)
Platforms Browser
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~60 minutes
Official site of Reflector: Laser Defense

A roguelike base-builder hybrid where you control a single character in charge of managing a colony on a hostile planet.


In Reflector: Laser Defense, you need to grow and defend a colony against waves of enemies. You have no allies or army, just a laser gun. You place reflectors and splitters to manipulate the beam and make the most of each shot.

This game is in active development. You can follow along with the blog or on

Current Features

  • Lasers and Mirrors - You have only one defense: your laser. Manipulate the beams to make the most of each shot.
  • Deterministic Combat - Everything dies in one hit, including you. Plan your turn without fear of the RNG.
  • Forgiveness in Moderation - Undo a single turn if you make a mistake.
  • Wave Defense - Defend your base as enemies attack at night, rebuild and prepare during the day.
  • Four Resources to Manage - Grow food for your colonists, produce metal and machinery for buildings, and generate power to keep things running.
  • Traditional Roguelike Mechanics - Turn-based, tile-based, permadeath, and random maps.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Controls - Fully playable with mouse or keyboard

Planned Features

  • Greater enemy variety
  • Bosses
  • Research
  • Milestones (in-game achievements that let you recover morale)