Rock Tunnel

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Rock Tunnel
Library project
Developer cosarara
Released Mar 30 2014
Updated Mar 30 2014
Status Just released the first version
Licensing Open Source, WTFPL
P. Language Python
Platforms Linux, probably Mac OS X
Dependencies python3 and curses
Official site of Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel tried to be a 7DRL and failed, because its author's hands (and wrists, and forearms, and fingers) are not in a particularly good shape, so there were no commits on days 6 and 7. On day 8 morning, unfinished features were removed and the game was uploaded to github. 7.5DRL, maybe?

The source can be found here:

The game

The rock tunel is a natural tunnel found in the route 10, in Kanto. Even though it can look small at a first sight, there is a secret staircase leading to a much bigger dungeon below.

You are Pikachu, and are trapped inside. With Zubats. And Golbats. Which will (most of the time) try to kill you.

The game has a light system so that you can only see what Pikachu would see (well, with a FOV of 360?).

The dungeon levels are randomly generated, and enemy difficulty raises along with depth.

Pokémon levels are not capped at 100. Damage doesn't take into account the type advantage, and EV points are not calculated like in official games. Even so, in general the exp. and damage systems are quite accurate.