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I'd hardly call it an exploit, and it has much older and more appropriate name of "level scumming". Note, how level scumming my actually hurt the player when there *was* something valuable on the level.

Stair dancing sounds much like Pillar dancing -- so I'd rather say it's when you use the stairs to escape from the monsters on persistnet levles...

--The Sheep 18:59, 22 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Cheating or strategy?

I don't know, everything on this page (except "save scumming" and maybe "level scumming") seems to be a matter of strategy. If you have a monster you're not ready for, what's wrong with backing away, maybe closing a door, and resting for a while until either (1) it finds you, or (2) you can handle it better having been given the proper rest? Is backing away to use a wand or spell considered "cheating"? I don't think leaning on keys was ever recommended by any roguelike! And what's wrong with building up experience to face challenges on the next level?

You may also want to be aware that some games (Castle of the Winds comes to mind) don't permadeath. Coredumpcentral 18:23, 9 November 2009 (UTC)