The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui

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The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui
Stable game
Developer Antumbrastation
Theme Fantasy
Influences ChessRogue, Hneftafl
Released October 14th, 2017 (Alpha-20171014)
Updated February 2nd, 2018 (Stable-20180202)
Licensing Closed source
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface Mouse, ASCII
Game Length 10 hours
Official site of The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui

The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui is a turn based, squad combat roguelike.


Chaos blankets the world. From his tower in the southern marches, the illusionist Bedsui manipulates the minds of many great Kings and Emperors, sowing war and discord. But soon the madness ends! Steeling their resolve, a band of adventurers prepares to storm the tower and defeat the sorcerer. However, between them and their goal await Bedsui’s many servants…

Combat Mechanics

All combatants, monsters and player characters, move about the board like tafl pieces (or the rook from chess), only stopping when blocked by a wall, unit, or wandering into an enemy’s melee range. In most roguelikes, the melee range for units are the eight immediately adjacent squares. In T31LoSB different weapons provide different melee ranges specific to the weapon type.

Units, player and monster, are fragile. Any attack which rolls higher than a unit’s relevant defense stat is fatal. The intent is the create combat that focuses on maneuvering and coordinating a squad of various weapon types, and where trapping enemy units is the primary challenge of killing them instead of relying on more hit points and stronger attacks.