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Defunct Game
Developer Mario Donick
Theme Simple cave exploring in a desert world
Influences LambdaRogue ;-), Diablo 2, Magic The Gathering
Released 2007 ? (0.0.1 Alpha) ({{{relver}}})
Updated (not yet) ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language FreePascal
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface SDL, Keyboard
Game Length Short
[There is no Official site of Tiamyth]


Tiamyth is a small roguelike with only the "basics". No story (like in LambdaRogue, no quests, just dungeon diving, collecting treasure and fighting enemies. However, the main difference to "normal" roguelike is Tiamyth's combat style. Instead of running into your enemies, you use a card deck (yes, cards like in "trading card") to perform different actions.


There is no story at the moment, but some quick and dirty background will be added soon.

Current development state

Development was started in February 2007. As many parts could be taken from LambdaRogue, the core of the game is already running. Most efforts now goes into the card-based battles. Currently 0.0.1 (Alpha 1) (not released).