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Hi, thanks for your recent additions. Keep in mind Template:angbandvariant, and how all games are currently subcategorized by development stage (and not the code they were based off of). If all angband variants are stable (not beta, not defunct), then this is ok - a template similar to template:game-7drl is appropriate, and we have it place games into categories stable and angband variant. Otherwise, we would have to include one of the larger templates alongside what would be a redundant template:angband-variant. Keep in mind also that many people don't know the language/platforms/influences/etc of Angband and hence its variants (perhaps include as static fields?), and also that the influences of an angband variant may include a book, or some other video game. Keep up the good work. –MT 22:53, 22 Sep 2006 (CEST)

Points noted; I was just trying to get a start by getting content in here, and refining afterwards. Is there a list of templates somewhere? It would help somewhat with knowing what to tag and how. (It would also be useful if there was a guide somewhere on this?)
Angband variants probably only really require one extra field on top of template:game-major ("based on", which is a fairly important information for Angband, because there are so many variants based off of many others); but {p.language, platforms, interface, game length, licence} are roughly constant amongst all variants, and including this information on every page would be redundant, I feel. Different games do have different themes and influences, but the majority again are very similar. What about switching to the longer gameinfo only when it differs enough from the main Angband? Otherwise I feel there would be too much redundant information.
takkaria 23:43, 22 Sep 2006 (CEST)
Category:Templates is the category where I've been putting template talk pages. It and Template_talk:Gameinfo (and perhaps category:roguelike games) are the closest things to a guide. | Sure, whatever you think is best. Perhaps make "Angband variant" link to Angband, so that anyone can get the information easily. | What links to/uses the old template and Category:Main might be of interest. –MT 08:11, 23 Sep 2006 (CEST)
I apologize for this intervenion but M's mistake caused this talk page to appear in templates category. –Michal BielinskiTalk 14:44, 25 August 2008 (CEST)