Zombie Madness

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Zombie Madness


This game is currently still under development but at a stable and held state till further notice. Zombie Madness includes keyboard-based controls, AI and animations. It is a realtime roguelike with a simple goal to survive as many waves as you can, but once your hp reaches 0 it is game over.


Recent Updates, Changes and Fixes (v0.6)
  • (Update) Place traps on map
  • (Update) Random health packs
  • (Update) Zombies damage increase every 5 waves
  • (Change) Zombies have higher range of movement speed
  • (Change) Upgrades now cost more
  • (Change) Upgrades cost increases
  • (Update) Handgun and upgrade menu
  • (Update) C4 Charges available to buy
  • (Fix) Movement allowed whilst C4 explode
  • (Update) Building survival money bonus ever map change
  • (Update) Difficulty menu
  • (Update) Custom Mode for difficulty menu
  • (Update) Animated UI
  • (Change) Known bugs fixed
Future Updates, Changes (v0.7 Estimated release date: 01/12/2011)
Adventure mode
Current game content in v0.6 will be named survival mode. Adventure mode will be an added game mode, which will exceed the limits of survival mode allowing the player to explore a deserted world and refuge in a player built base. (Estimated release date: 01/12/2011)
Known Bugs
None listed
Versions and Downloads
v0.5 and below (Unavailable)
v0.6 (Released [1])
v0.7 (Unreleased)
http://cymonsgames.com/forum/index.php?topic=257.0 (www.cymonsgames.com) Cymon
http://roguetemple.com/forums/index.php?topic=838.0 (www.roguetemple.com)
Marcus Wiseman, United Kingdom, Liverpool