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Alpha Project
Developer Pfhoenix
Theme sci-fi
Influences Escape Velocity, Fallout, Angband
Updated 2006
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical, Mouse driven
Game Length {{{length}}}
Official site of Adeo

Adeo is an isometric, mouse driven, sci-fi themed roguelike that breaks away from roguelike convention with such features as heirarchial maps, space maps (that have no size limits for exploration), real-time modeled in a turn-based setup, vehicles (currently only space ships), complex electronics networks, simulated computer control mechanisms, hacking of electronic systems, arbitrary lighting with light sources capable per object per grid that respects light color mixing and LOS calculations for shading, and more.

Adeo aims to be a unique mix of roguelike elements with the feel of exploring a vast galaxy filled with things to discover, learn, and exploit.

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