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Developer Kornel Kisielewicz
Theme Horror, Science fiction
Influences Aliens movie, Alien Breed: Tower Assault
Released 2007 Mar 18
Updated June 03, 2010
Licensing Closed Source, freeware
P. Language FreePascal
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of AliensRL
AliensRL is a coffeebreak roguelike

AliensRL or Aliens, the roguelike is a tactical coffee-break roguelike inspired by the Aliens movie, and Alien Breed: Tower Assault computer game.


  • full color display
  • point based skill system (no character levels!)
  • plenty high-tech weapons
  • 7 different connected towers to explore
  • sound, music and speech
  • dark and scary atmosphere
  • unique slot-based inventory system
  • streamlined interface