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* [[Basic BSP Dungeon generation]]
* [[Basic BSP Dungeon generation]]
* [[Cellular Automata Method for Generating Random Cave-Like Levels]]
* [[Cellular Automata Method for Generating Random Cave-Like Levels]]
* [[Code Organization for Procedural Level Generation]]
* [[CreatingAForest|Creating A Forest]]
* [[CreatingAForest|Creating A Forest]]
* [[Creating Measurably "Fun" Maps]]
* [[Creating Measurably "Fun" Maps]]

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This is a listing of articles, arranged by subject.

Articles under "design" will help the developer make decisions about gameplay. Articles under "implementation" will help with algorithm design, and offer various methods of implementing features. Headings are arranged in a general chronological order of development. Large lists of ideas (items, spells, themes, etc.) are in bold.



Project management

Roguelike developments are complicated projects to handle; if you have weak goals, the project will slip out of your control and its success may be compromised.

Game modification



Setting, story, and mood


Dungeon features, terrain





Game ideas

Ideas for roguelikes are posted regularly on rgrd, but over time are forgotten. In an attempt to preserve the more interesting ideas these pages were created:


Programming languages

RogueBasin has articles about these languages. That doesn't mean that you can't use other languages. The best language for your roguelike is the one you know well (or want to learn).






Line of sight, field of vision

  • Line of Sight is used to determine when a specific destination square is visible from a source square. This can be used to determine whether a player is visible to a monster, the path an arrow takes to a particular enemy, and as a building block for a field of vision algorithm.
  • Field of Vision determines all squares visible from a particular source. This is useful when determining which squares to show a player, what squares are lit up by a light source, etc.
  • Using the libtcod library for FOV, and implementing fog-of-war, part of the python+libtcod tutorial.




Time management

Useful algorithms and code

Java Roguelike Development Guide

A list of articles specific to Java roguelike development

Game reviews

May give some idea of what people like and don't like in other games.


The original Dungeondweller articles are archived at [1]. Please do not move them to RogueBasin without permission from the original author.

There are more articles at [2]. Most of these are duplicates of articles here.