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Beta Project
Developer Elbin
Theme Fantasy/Crafting
Influences ADOM
Released ??
Updated -
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Game Length ??
[?? Official site of Artisan]

Artisan is a creation oriented roguelike set in its own world.

Current features:

  • Neutral and hostile NPCs, NPCs that change behaviour when the player is close (they run for example)
  • Working inventory and equipment
  • Containers that can be picked up
  • Backpack that holds the player's inventory and has to be equipped, can be dropped or picked up from the ground
  • A "Free hands" system allowing the player to pick up items even if no backpack is equipped and hold them in hand with full functionality. The player can carry up to one item in each free hand.
  • The player can hold anything in hand (or both hands if it's heavy) and use it as a weapon
  • Weapon skills that are learned as the corresponding weapon is used
  • Two-weapon combat

In development

  • Crafting system using a classification of the materials, allowing you to create a club from everything heavy that you can tie to the end of a stick...

To be done

  • Talking with NPCs
  • Quests
  • Orientation system for traveling using orientation skills - you can lose your way if you don't stick to the road
  • LOTS of items to make, possibly also with a free classification
  • LOTS of materials to be harvested
  • A magical system
  • Item experience (the more you use an item, the more used you get to it)