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{{game-stable| name = BOSS
{{game-stable| name = BOSS
|developer = [[Robert Gulledge]], [[Jason Black]]
|developer = [[Robert Gulledge]], [[Jason Black]]
|theme = Science Fiction
|theme = [[List of roguelikes by theme#Science Fiction|Science Fiction]]
|influences = [[Moria]]
|influences = [[Moria]]
|released = 1992
|released = 1992

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Stable game
Developer Robert Gulledge, Jason Black
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Moria
Released 1992 (1.0)
Updated 19 Sep 2010 (2.4a)
Licensing Moria License
P. Language Pascal, Free Pascal
Platforms DEC VAX mainframes running VMS, Linux, Windows
Interface Monochrome ASCII
Game Length
Official site of BOSS

From BOSS FAQ: Like moria, the object is to become a powerful character who defeats the mega-monster at the end of the game. In BOSS, that monster is the Boss, a mean, rotten, disgusting and vile mafia figure who's out to control the world. To do this you must travel far in search of his hide-out deep under the sewers of New York City, battle terrible alien creatures, and survive against almost impossible odds along the way.

BOSS features three races: humans, Jarwangians, and Daysians. Jarwangians are good nice aliens. Daysians are mean bad ones. Available classer are: Wrestler, Scientist, Guru, Ninja, Soldier, Wanderer, Con-Artist, Thief. Game has rather forgiving time limit.

Unique or rare features

  • Computer equipment slot,
  • Potion mixing,
  • Weapons of kill scum,
  • Monsters giving negative experience,
  • Varied and weird valuable types: nickels, arcade tokens, dimes, blank disks, postage stamps, loose change, bubble gum, old comic books, silicon chips, chic jewelry, digital watches, car stereos, illegal drugs, uncut diamonds, stock certificates, alien crystals ...

Versions and platforms

BOSS was forked from VMS Moria 5.0. Then development was continued up to version 2.4. In FAQ posted to it was promised a C port would be released soon but it never happened. For 2010 ARRP Michal Bielinski took the sources and ported them to Linux and Windows.

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