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Break Out Of Hareka's Underground
Stable game
Developer anaseto
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Released 2017 Sept 16 (0.1)
Updated 2017 Oct 01 (0.3)
Licensing ISC
P. Language Go
Platforms Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~ half an hour
Official site of Break Out Of Hareka's Underground

Break Out Of Hareka's Underground (Boohu) is a roguelike game which takes inspiration mainly from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and its tavern, and some ideas from Brogue, but aiming for very short games, almost no character building, and simplified inventory management.

You somehow ended up in Hareka's Underground, and in order to leave, you have to find some magical stairs deep in the Underground. Along the way, you will collect treasures, as well as various helpful items. You will also encounter monsters, fight against them, or run away from them when you can…

It is a work in progress, but is already a quite complete game.


  • No XP, no food, no upstairs.
  • Rods: merge ideas from mana-based magic and charge-based wands or rods.
  • Gain a few random aptitudes as you go deeper.
  • Simplified inventory management (e.g. no more than one weapon or armour).
  • Confusion status based on this tavern thread: impedes diagonal movement.
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