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Break Out Of Hareka's Underground
Stable game
Developer anaseto
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Released 2017 Sept 16 (0.1)
Updated 2018 Jul 25 (0.9)
Licensing ISC
P. Language Go
Platforms Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~ half an hour
Official site of Break Out Of Hareka's Underground

Break Out Of Hareka's Underground (Boohu) is a roguelike game mainly inspired from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and its tavern, with some ideas from Brogue, but aiming for very short games, almost no character building, and a simplified inventory.

Every year, the elders send someone to collect medicinal simella plants in the Underground. This year, the honor fell upon you, and so here you are. According to the elders, deep in the Underground, magical stairs will lead you back to your village. Along the way, you will collect simellas, as well as various items that will help you deal with monsters, which you may fight or flee...



  • Short coffee-break runs (less than half an hour).
  • 13 levels deep dungeon (+ 3 optional levels), 6 distinct map generators, 22 monsters, 12 weapons with different behaviors, 11 rods, 14 potions, and 3 projectiles.
  • Both graphical (web) tiles and terminal ASCII versions. Animations. Mouse support. Mouse-friendly 100x26 layout, and traditional compact 80x24 layout.
  • No XP, no food, no upstairs, no automatic regeneration, no grinding/farming.
  • Fully destructible terrain (wall destruction, foliage fire).
  • Simplified inventory management (e.g. no more than one weapon or armour).
  • Gain 2 random aptitudes among 12 as you go deeper.
  • Dense foliage and automatically opened/closed doors to play with line of sight.
  • Confusion status based on this tavern thread: impedes diagonal movement.
  • Monster footsteps sometimes can be heared.
  • Rods: merge ideas from mana-based magic and charge-based wands or rods.



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