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Stable game
Developer Brian Walker
Theme Traditional
Influences Rogue
Released Nov 27, 2009 (1.0)
Updated July 3, 2014 (1.7.4)
Licensing GNU Affero General Public License v3
P. Language C
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Interface Full color ASCII/Unicode
Game Length approximately 2 hours
Official site of Brogue

A traditional 26-level crawl to the Amulet of Yendor. Development focus is on a smooth learning curve with strategic depth and intuitive/beautiful appearance within the strictures of ASCII/Unicode display.


Visit the web page for downloads and screenshots.

Visit the Wiki to read more about the game's mechanics and the dungeon's inhabitants.

Visit the discussion forum to compare strategies, request features, ask questions, celebrate victories and lament defeats.

Online play is available on an EU server and a US server.


Complete, but still in active development.