Broken Rogue

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Alpha Project
Developer Michał Brzozowski
Theme Dungeon crawling
Influences Rogue, Superhot
Released 19 June 2021 (demo)
Updated 19 June 2021
Licensing GPL
P. Language Zenon
Platforms Windows
Interface GUI, Keyboard
Game Length Short
Official site of Infinihack

Infinihack is an early demo of a turn-less and grid-less roguelike where time moves when you do. Allowing free movement, it offers exciting and difficult melee combat and unique enemies.

It currently consists of three levels and a difficult end game boss. Finishing the game is a challenge.

I know it looks like crap, but it's actually fun.


  • No grid, no turns, just free movement. Enemies move only when you do, giving you time to think whenever you want.
  • Sword fighting, dodging projectiles and monsters' special attacks.
  • 3 Levels.
  • 8 enemies, which are all quite unique.
  • Fully playable.
  • Difficult.