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|theme = Arcade
|theme = Arcade
|influences = [[Cardinal Quest]], Diablo II, Dark Souls
|influences = [[Cardinal Quest]], Diablo II, Dark Souls
|released = 2014 Mar 19
|released = 2014 March 19
|relver = 1.0
|relver = 1.0
|updated = 2014 May 19
|updated = 2014 May 19

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Cardinal Quest II
Stable game
Developer Randomnine
Theme Arcade
Influences Cardinal Quest, Diablo II, Dark Souls
Released 2014 March 19 (1.0)
Updated 2014 May 19 (1.01)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language HaXe
Platforms iOS, Flash
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 5+ hours (1-2 hours per Act)
Official site of Cardinal Quest II
Cardinal Quest II is a coffeebreak roguelike

Cardinal Quest II is a streamlined, combat-oriented roguelike in which the player must fight their way through one of three Acts, levelling up and acquiring items and skills to confront and defeat that area's tyrant. Though each individual Act is a self-contained game taking just an hour or two to attempt, the game rewards long-term play with three different Acts, three escalating difficulty modes, six classes and a substantial achievement system.

Cardinal Quest II is free-to-play, with in-app purchases to unlock classes and perks faster, on (as a Flash game) and on iTunes (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

Based on Cardinal Quest by Ido.


  • Simple graphical user interface and four-directional movement
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Skill trees for each class so you can customize your character further as they gain experience
  • Five slots for special abilities (either class-specific or found) which recharge over time
  • Deep achievement system with approx. 150 increasingly challenging achievements across 50 achievement ranks

Screenshot (iOS)


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