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== Download ==
== Download ==
Download and further information available at
Download and further information available at

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Developer Slash
Influences Castlevania
Status Finished
Released 2005
Updated 2005
Licensing close source, freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Java
Interface Emulated ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 2 hours
Official site of CastlevaniaRL:Prelude

This was Slash's entry for the 7DRL programming contest

This 7DRL evolved into CastlevaniaRL, which is a game in continuous development.



CastlevaniaRL:Prelude is a roguelike game of survival, you are a member of the Belmont family which arrives to the Castle of Count Dracula to fulfill your fate: bring and end to his reign of blood.

As you enter the castle garden, zombies and skeletons crawl out of the soil, bloody bats descend from the dark night and wicked black panthers emerge from the shadows; using your holy Vampire Killer and the sacred weapons, you must face the perils of the castle garden, and prove yourself worthy of entering the castle.

This is a game of combat strategy, in order to win you must get to know your enemies and their abilities. You must make good use of your weapons and take care of your health, there is only one Belmont!


  • Based in Castlevania I: You don't have any of the nifty stats of the latter castlevanias, the combat is simple as you will always hit the enemies if they are in range and they will always take a number of hits to be taken down, thus spatial tactics are very important
  • Every enemy has its own way of attacking, adding diversity to the gameplay.
  • All the classic castlevania weapons, which have a cost in hearts to be used.
  • Lunch-time game: You play this game for a small moment of pleasure, no embarking into the big epic adventure (..for now)
  • 7DRL developed in 3 days.

How to Play:

  • Use 'w' to whip, space bar to use your special weapon and the numerical keypad to move.
  • Use 'Q' to quit the game.
  • Hit the candles to pickup hearts and weapons.
  • Hit the enemies to destroy them and score points.
  • Beware the special attacks of the enemies. Also, they will try to run over you and that will take you flying back.

Some important descriptions

  • i - Candle
  • v - Small heart
  • V - Big heart
  • b - Bat
  • z - Zombie
  • p - Black Panther
  • s - Skeleton
  • m - Merman


Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2


Download and further information available at

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