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m (Not sure what the 'live resources' bit is about - there is a download.)
(I'm going to go ahead and call this 'defunct' for now.)
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{{game-alpha| name = Caves of Golorp
{{game-defunct| name = Caves of Golorp
|developer = [[Matthew Skala]]
|developer = [[Matthew Skala]]
|theme = Fantasy
|theme = Fantasy

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Caves of Golorp
Defunct Game
Developer Matthew Skala
Theme Fantasy
Released Jan 4, 2004 (0.0.1) ({{{relver}}})
Updated Never ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Prolog
Platforms Linux
Game Length
Official site of Caves of Golorp

What, a Roguelike game in Prolog?
This can't be for real!
It is.

Game related links


Neither the screenshots or the download links point to "live" resources, though.