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Alpha Project
Developer Crypt (Vincent Primault)
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack, Slash'EM,ADOM
Updated 2006/09/20 ver: 0.6545
Licensing open source, freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Java
Interface Tiles,ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length final version will be neverending
Official site of CryptRL



CryptRL is a Java 1.5 roguelike with sound and graphics, which uses the David Gervais tileset as well as the RLTiles library.

It's bilingual (english/french) and allows you to switch language ingame.

Its main influence is NetHack/Slash'Em (as for the ingame interaction)

The current in-dev version, described as being on "Engine Development Status", has no story nor quests yet, and the UI is not definitive. All this is being enhanced for future releases.

Development started in November 2005, it is currently a playable Alpha.


  • Tools (picking tools, picks, shovels, lanterns, oil flasks, etc)
  • LOS (line of sight) and "LOH" (line of hearing)
  • Lighting
  • Monsters
  • Current creatures can: melee attack, follow an ennemy, open doors, flee, pick up some items(weapons, armors, healing potions), drink healing potion, cast firebolt, react when their possessions are stolen/or destroyed, track noises, guard things and others creatures, have friends and hereditary ennemies (not only the character)
  • Potions, weapons, armors
  • Traps, chests
  • Stats & skills
  • Night/day cycles
  • Teleporters
  • Automap
  • Parrying
  • Spells, scrolls
  • Weather effects (visual only)
  • Zoom
  • Secret passages and hidden items
  • Pushable items
  • Pregenerated and Random persistant maps
  • Predefined map editor CryptEDITOR.bat (On development)
  • Optional Permadeath
  • Simple Animations
  • ASCII or TILES display
  • Traders, guards, farmers
  • All of this results in several interaction and combo features. (eg. try digging in water, throw exploding traps, use the species relationships during combat, hide in water, throw a lantern in order to light an area while staying in darkness, attract a monster by making noice (like in Dark Project ;) ) and sneak around, ETC.... I give priority to interactions rather than XXX variations.)
  • Unlimited three dimensions world.(Of course future enhanced generators will add more interesting contents to this "infinity")

Planned Features

  • More AI. Creatures will be able to use more items, cast more spells, take more decisions, etc.
  • More spells
  • More monsters
  • Amulets, shields, boots, gauntlets
  • Quests
  • Cities, NPCs
  • Thematic and more complex random generators for dungeons, cities and wilderness
  • More AI again.

Known Issues

  • Several optimizations are still pending to be done

Any bug reports must be sent to:

Testing under Linux or MacOs is greatly appreciated


Running Instructions

Under Windows run :


Other OS :

java -jar -Xms128m -Xmx128m "CryptRL.jar"

NORMAL version includes sounds (but not bonusSounds) and tiles.

If you download the NoSound or NoSound_NoTile version you may, if you like, get the and files and unpack them in the game folder. (\sons\ and \images\ folders would then be created)

An optional resource file available from the website,, must be unpacked in the \sons\ambiance\ folder.

Ambient Sounds can be customized via .wav files (ACM only) on the following folders


Editor instructions

You can launch the editor ingame.

The maps using the following coords are special cases


These are precreated maps. If you modify them they could be rebuilt by clicking on the "Rebuild test maps" menu item anytime before starting a new game or ingame. Note that modifications on these maps would then be lost.

Maps files are saved as .zip (only .zip maps must be loaded) in the TERRAINSstockMonde folder.


CryptRL requires Sun JAVA 1.5 JRE

Developped and tested under Windows XP.

Not tested under MacOS, Win98, WinMe nor Win2000.


Pseudo Ascii display :


Tiles display :


Optional GUI and optional tree display:


An underground :


Editor (Under construction):


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