Cthulu Angband

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Angband Variant
Developer Dean Anderson, previously David Thornley
Based on ZAngband 2.1.0e
Theme Horror/Fantasy
Released 1998
Updated 6.0, on 14th August 2018
Download Windows

Official site

CthAngband is an Angband variant written by Dean Anderson and set in H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands. Some of the new features of CthAngband include new races, classes, magic systems, and a wilderness with multiple towns and dungeons. Because CthAngband is set in the Dreamlands, it features a whole new world of dungeons and dungeon guardians, the majority of which are Lovecraft-based.

After version 4.0.1, maintainership of Cthangband was passed from Dean Anderson to David Thornley, who released version 4.1.0. After a long period of the variant lying defunct, Dean Anderson took maintainership back and released version 5.0.0, based on the earlier 3.1.2 version.

The most recent version of the game (6.0) is a complete re-write of the game in C# rather than C, and consequently this version is Windows-only.

Kieron Dunbar took his many patches for CthAngband and turned them into a variant, sCthAngband, which continues CthAngband's spirit.

6.0 Release

On August 14th 2018, Dean Anderson announced the 6.0 release of CthAngband on the Angband forums: announcement post