Cypress Tree Manor

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Cypress Tree Manor
Developer Nils Fagerburg
Theme Zombies
Influences Les morts aux trousses (board game)
Released 2009 Mar 15
Updated 2009 Mar 15
Licensing GPL
P. Language Python
Platforms Python
Interface Keyboard
Game Length very short
Official site of Cypress Tree Manor
Cypress Tree Manor is a coffeebreak roguelike

This game was Nils Fagerburg's entry for the 2009 7DRL programming challenge.


Cypress Tree Manor is about not letting zombies eat your brain, delicious as it may be.

In the game you play a survivor in a zombie outbreak who is trying to get into a bunker hidden in the basement of Cypress Tree Manor. Unfortunately there is only room for one person in the bunker and there are a few other contenders.


  • Zombies!
  • Fragile weapons
  • Smart (enough to occasionally win if you let them and they're lucky) opponents
  • A really bad level generator