Death Of The Corpse Wizard

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The Death of the Corpse Wizard
Alpha Project
Developer Vincent Toups
Theme Fantasy
Influences Shiren the Wanderer, Dark Souls
Released Apr 27, 2014
Updated Apr 27, 2014
Licensing freeware
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Web
Interface pixel-art graphics, simple animation
Game Length short
Official site of The Death of the Corpse Wizard

Death Of The Corpse Wizard is a coffeebreak roguelike

The Death of the Corpse Wizard is a coffee-break, arena Roguelike in very early development. The player controls the mysterious Corpse Wizard, who has been stripped of most powers and sentenced to death in an undead arena, at the hands of the very abominations he or she created for a terrible, undead army.

How long can spite and the simplest magical abilities keep The Corpse Wizard alive?


Death of the Corpse Wizard is turn based and takes place in an empty 18x18 grid. Monsters come in waves from all sides, and The Corpse Wizard may attack them by bumping, creating walls by sacrificing his or her own health, or attack using bolts of magical energy which also drain vitality. Items and bonuses sometimes also appear.

Development Status

The Death of the Corpse Wizard is early in development (day 7) and rapidly evolving. It began as late 7DRL by work life smeared out the boundaries of the project and now it seems like the gameplay is rich enough to warrant further development. Right now the game ends at turn 1000, so consider yourself a winner if you make it that far.