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* [[Horror1|Horror in Roguelikes, Part 1 : Gore]]
* [[Horror1|Horror in Roguelikes, Part 1 : Gore]]

[[Category:Coffeebreak roguelikes]] [[Category:Stable games]]
[[Category:Coffeebreak roguelikes]] [[Category:Horror roguelikes]] [[Category:Stable games]]

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A relatively "light" roguelike, written by Kornel Kisielewicz in FreePascal, based on the world of Doom created by iD software. An example of a Gore-themed game.


DoomRL follows the relatively new idea of a Coffeebreak roguelike - it is intended to be simple, fast and furious. Something that you can play from time to time without much need to concentrate.

There are several simplifications:

  • there is only one "dungeon"
  • inventory size is limited to 20 slots
  • there are only three equipment slots
  • there can be only one item per level quare
  • the levels are all screen-sized


DoomRL version 0.9.8 introduced something novel into the roguelike genre - full modern sound support (using features like stereo and distance effects) and music - both taken from the original Doom by ID Software. Other features worth noting:

  • simple interface
  • balanced traits
  • balanced and fast-paced gameplay
  • several special levels
  • 20 levels including a final showdown with the Cyberdemon
  • a secret ending


The screenshot is quite old and outdated.