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Doryen Library
Library project
Developer Jice, Mingos
Updated Aug 29 2012 (1.5.1)
Status Stable
Licensing BSD License
P. Language C, C++, Python
Platforms Windows, Haiku, Linux
Dependencies SDL
Official site of Doryen Library

Also known as libtcod, the Doryen Library is the function library built for the Chronicles of Doryen.

It is an uncomplicated library for roguelike developers.

Features :

  • windowed or full screen console with true color support
  • support for custom character sets using bitmap fonts and colored tiles
  • Mersenne twister and Complementary Multiply With Carry random number generator
  • inbuilt support for dice (string parsing, rolling)
  • Bresenham line drawing toolkit
  • Perlin, Simplex and Wavelet noise generator
  • field of view toolkit with 5 different algorithms
  • image toolkit with support for rotation/stretching and subcell resolution blitting
  • support for turn by turn and real time games
  • mouse support
  • advanced configuration file parser
  • fast generic container with array/list/stack interfaces
  • bsp toolkit
  • heightmap toolkit
  • pathfinding toolkit (A* and Dijkstra)
  • compression toolkit
  • antialiased and unicode font support
  • custom/dynamic font characters mapping
  • PNG images support
  • customizable name generator with 20 predefined syllable sets

It currently has bindings for C, C++ and python languages.

Wrappers for C# are now built in as an official package.

External wrappers also exists for D and Common Lisp.


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