Drain Storm

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Drain Storm
Stable game
Developer Dave Horner
Theme Science Fantasy
Released ({{{relver}}})
Updated v1.02 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Shareware
P. Language
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard
Game Length 2 hours
Official site of Drain Storm

Drain Storm describes itself as turn-based strategy game that is played using simple set of keyboard commands. Player controls Effer-vessel, unit capable of shooting bubbles which trap monsters. This drain probe has unlimited cargo space and will automatically pick up all items stumbled upon. Fortune cookies can be found too.

Maps are 40 x 36 tiles big and most are randomly generated. Monsters come through portals placed all over. To destroy a (reinforced) portal one needs slightly bigger punch. Enemies range from brain dead sewer squids and bulldozers, through alien Xoids to Gorloth minions who are smart enough to try and dodge projectiles fired their way.

The game has very few commands. There is movement, scrolling inventory and using selected item. Nothing more. This simplicity makes Drain Strom easy to pick up and play.


Drain Storm is declared $0 shareware. Game is free but you are encouraged to register (again, at no cost) if you like either the game or have fun slaughtering drain inhabitants.

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