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Alpha Project
Developer Mason Wheeler
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, Nethack, Angband
Released Apr 2 2018
Updated Apr 2 2018
Licensing Free
P. Language {{{language}}}
Platforms Browser
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[{{{site}}} Official site of DungeonEpic]


DungeonEpic is an attempt to do something new in the Roguelike world: produce an online roguelike community with content driven by its users.

The plan is to build not only a Roguelike engine to play games, but also a Roguelike designer where aspiring Dungeon Masters can create and share their own game elements for the enjoyment of others. The site, and the underlying Roguelike engine, are still under development, but will eventually include a full-featured Roguelike game engine and the ability for users to create, share, comment on and rate dungeons, items, monsters, spells, and all other aspects of Roguelike gaming.

The game runs in a Web browser, over a websocket connection to the server, with support for standard Roguelike keyboard commands, including movement via the arrow keys or numeric keypad. As such, running in mobile is not currently supported.