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Beta Project
Developer Bjorn Bersgtrom
Theme Fantasy
Influences Angband, Crawl
Released 2004
Updated 2006
Licensing Freeware, closed source
P. Language Java Micro edition
Platforms J2ME MIDP1.0 enabled handsets
Interface Tiles, Keypad
Game Length -
Official site of Dweller

Dweller is the first roguelike created for java enabled cellphones, created in 2004 by Bjorn Bergstrom.



Dweller is a fantasy roguelike for Java enabled cellphones with the 'basic' roguelike features (random dungeons, magic, character classes and a simple quest).

Versions and platforms

Latest Dweller version is v. 0.8.0, from March, 2006. Dweller is free to download but closed source.

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