Eben Howard

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Eben Howard
Alias Deej, SquidPony
Projects SquidLib, libjcsi
Games Quarker, Excitable Digger, Earl Spork, EmoSquid, Wyrm, Attack The Geth, Epigon, Kingdom Rangers, Assault Fish
Nationality Montanan
P. Languages Java, C#, Inform 7, Unity 3D
Official site of Eben Howard

Eben is currently putting together a server based semi-cooperative kinda-multiplayer roguelike with a frontend in Unity 3D and a Fantasy Guild Master Management Sim using the newest alpha of SquidLib.

If you are in #rgrd on quakenet you can see him as Eben.


Medal_7DRL_2009_s.png Medal_7DRL_2010_s.png Medal_7DRL_2011_s.png Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png Medal_7DRL_2013_s.png

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