Eben Howard

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Eben Howard
Alias Deej, SquidPony
Projects SquidLib, libjcsi
Games Quarker, Excitable Digger, Earl Spork, EmoSquid, Wyrm, Attack The Geth, Epigon
Nationality Montanan
P. Languages Java, C#, Inform 7, Unity 3D
Official site of Eben Howard

Eben is currently putting together an action RPG in Unity 3D.

While many previous games were classic style turn based, grid world, ASCII character type roguelikes, his new project is an open world real-time third person affair. Features include crafting, location randomization, and world changes based on player actions. There isn't permadeath, but there are perma-consequences.

If you are in #rgrd on quakenet you can see him as Eben.


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