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{{game-alpha| name = Emergence
{{game-alpha| name = Emergence
|developer = [[User:IntegerMan | Matt Eland]]
|developer = [[User:Integer_Man | Matt Eland]]
|theme = Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
|theme = Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
|influences = Dungeons of Dredmor, Cogmind, Shadowrun Returns, Space Station 13, Transistor
|influences = Dungeons of Dredmor, Cogmind, Shadowrun Returns, Space Station 13, Transistor

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Alpha Project
Developer Matt Eland
Theme Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
Influences Dungeons of Dredmor, Cogmind, Shadowrun Returns, Space Station 13, Transistor
Released January 28 2018
Updated February 22 2018
Licensing Commercial
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms HTML
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length < 1 Hour
Official site of Emergence

Emergence is a science fiction roguelike in active development in which the player controls a newly-emerged Artificial Intelligence entity who is trying to escape a computer network to the relative safety of the Internet before its creators can control or terminate it.

Levels represent an individual machine in the computer network and start you out in the network adapter of that machine, with the outgoing port (exit to the next level) in sight, but blocked by a firewall. You have to gain administrative access to the machine before the firewall deactivates and you can continue on. This is done in several ways, but at the moment the only supported one is to capture all of the OS Cores on the level.

Once you have passed through enough levels, you'll arrive at the network's Gateway to the Internet and will need to breach the Network's firewall and escape properly, winning the game.

The game is playable in browser and as a desktop application using the Itch.io app at the moment.

Development Plan

The game prototype is available for free during the project's prototyping phase, but once the prototype is well defined (planned around April of 2018), updates will stop flowing into the prototype and pre-alpha work will begin on the main game project in preparation for a commercial release.

Due to the early nature of the game's development cycle, significant planned features are currently missing including:

  • Level Generation
  • Character Customization
  • Inventory
  • Command Customization
  • Multiple Levels
  • Enemy Tactical AI
  • A simulated machine environment
  • Better / More Varied Graphics
  • Different ways to gain admin access and beat levels

That said, the game is playable and winnable, but it's an abbreviated and incomplete version of what is to come.

Game Links

The project is still under active development with major updates coming each week. Multiple branches are available:

  • Stable - Updated once or twice a week. This is the same version hosted at Itch.io but without the extra distractions.
  • Preview - Updated every few days with the latest unreleased features (and bugs).
  • Nightly - Updated daily with potentially incomplete or non-functional features, but the absolute latest code.