Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos

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Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos, by Jason Roberts

NOTE: Monthly Recap for Roguelikes subreddit, here = https://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikes/comments/an969c/monthly_update_empires_of_eradia_the_cataclysm_of/

NOTE2: Plans for V28 = https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpiresOfEradiaCOC/comments/arp4cf/plans_for_v28/

NOTE3: I'll be doing a hotfix build in 1-2 days to get the lore promised for V27 into the game. Ran into some issues and that is why they didn't make it.

According to RogueBasin, my title would be classified here as Beta. It is quite stable, playable, and fun, but it is missing a lot of the endgame-related stuff, which is why I consider the game to still be in Late Alpha status. I try to do weekly releases, and participate in Sharing Saturday on RoguelikeDev subreddit, so if I forget to upload here, then you can visit Sharing Saturday and grab the latest build there. The reason for the name change is primarily to avoid confusion with Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead!

I also now have a subreddit for my game! https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpiresOfEradiaCOC/ (If you can't post for some reason, send me a PM)

List of Currently Missing Features:

  • Legendary Runes, and Milestones
  • Primal Chaos Abilities
  • Rare Portals
  • Boss Abilities
  • Ability to Enter Portals and Deactivate Them
  • And more (will update list later)

List of Partially Implemented Features:

  • Traps and Environmental Dangers
  • Endings, and End Goals Menu
  • Artifacts
  • Interface Overhaul
  • Help Directory and Interactive Tutorial Series
  • Crafting System
  • Uniquely useful Techniques
  • Unique Biomes with their own specific challenges
  • Magical Item Tiers and Enchantment Affixes
  • Elements and Elemental Protection
  • And more (will update list later)

Current Latest build is Alpha V27 (as of Feb, 16 2019), and a binary file can be acquired from this link (windows 64-bit only at the moment) = https://www.mediafire.com/file/6c222ua1jobabti/Binary_V27.zip/file

I am looking for feedback on the game; bugs, suggestions, problems run into, etc. I would really love it if people had feedback and gave it, as it really helps me to know that if a player is having an issue that I want to try and solve it. That is why I often release hotfixes; someone reports an issue and I solve it and release a hotfix.

I can be reached by PM on reddit (I'm Palandus) or by email: jason.roberts10000@gmail.com. I'll try to remember to update the RogueBasin as I release new builds. I use Pyinstaller to build the game, and as I only have access to Windows, I can only build for Windows.

NOTE: If you launch the game and the window doesn't look right, try using fullscreen mode (ALT+ENTER) and then exiting fullscreen mode with the same keybind, should fix the issue. The issue has been reported by some users, while others haven't encountered it.

NOTE2: I am looking into determining how to cross-compile binary builds for Linux / MacOS, and am hoping to have it ready for next build in a week. If I figure it out in a day or two, then I'll upload the builds immediately.

Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos
Beta Project
Developer Jason Roberts
Theme Fantasy
Influences Too many to count
Released Sept 12, 2018 (Alpha V13)
Updated Feb 16, 2019 (Alpha V27)
Licensing Currently, Freeware
P. Language Python 2.7 and Libtcod
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Partial Mouse
Game Length countless hours, designed for multiple playthroughs
[n/a Official site of Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos]


A great rift has appeared in the Human monarchy, spewing forth vile creatures. You enter the rift, where the laws of the material plane do not necessarily apply. You must close the rift, and escape, but is there really a way out? You'll just have to find out!


  • Can play however you like, as either a lethal mage, a stealthy martial expert, or perhaps as a complete pacifist; can even mix-match abilities to create your own playstyle.
  • Anyone can cast spells, use any item, or perform any action, however, only those who specialize into something will be good at it.
  • Unique permadeath, resulting from achieving too much stress. This allows players to learn from their mistakes, correct them, and eventually succeed.
  • Profile system, that allows you to achieve progression between playthroughs. This ensures that even if you go insane in a playthrough, you'll still have acquired some progression that will help the next run.
  • Played as a sandbox infinite dungeon crawler, where the player pursues their own goals and creates their own story, trying to achieve one of many victory conditions.
  • Has large battlefields, rather than rooms, with various tactical opportunities to handle the myriad of foes trying to kill you.
  • Primal Chaos foes increase in difficulty as you kill them and monsters increase in difficulty if you stay on a level for too long.
  • Comes with a series of Interactive Tutorials and a Help Directory (neither complete though), to help new players and returning players understand game mechanics and be successful.
  • Has a Journal menu, that stores all of the game's lore that is optional to read; this allows those who want to just hack and slash to do so, but also allows those who want to be immersed in lore, to be immersed!
  • You must serve as entertainment for the Chaos God; if you don't they will make things harder for you. This effectively works like a food clock, but without the annoyances of instant death if it runs out.
  • Can find optional lootables that offer a risk v reward; biome specific interactables and Chaos Strongboxes. The reward is great (+5 to one attribute or a rare consumable, respectively), but the risk hurts!
  • The game gets progressively more difficult based on accumulated Chaos. Every 100 points increases difficulty level (which affects portal spawn rates and enemy stats) and persists between levels.
  • Chaos is accrued by killing or knocking out foes and whenever the Chaos God grows bored of you. It cannot be reduced, and only gets worse as you progress farther, building tension. It will clear on death however.
  • Has an Objectives menu, with a series of objectives that grant a reward for completion. Complete all objectives in a set, and earn the Completionist, which gives even better rewards.
  • You earn new Objectives every 3rd floor (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, etc), giving the player an unlimited number of objectives to complete and encourages the player to go deeper and deeper into the game.
  • Bosses and Artifacts are now in, providing more of the endgame content!
  • You can now win the game, and you can track your progress towards Victory conditions in the Trials Menu (Shift + 4). Can work towards many different Victories, and this progress is retained between playthroughs!
  • You can now encounter Traps ($). Can be triggered by both player or monsters and will reset after 30 turns.
  • You can now encounter Secret Areas (!). When you get within 15 squares of one (can track multiple at a time), a message appears stating approximate direction and distance from you. Each gives a great reward!
  • Completely rebuilt the map generation code. Maps generate nearly instantly now, are easier to modify and add/remove elements, and are persistent until you die, allowing you to revisit old areas!
  • Added a Credits, Changelog, and Known Issues sub-menu to the Main Menu. Also the version of the game is now listed at the Main Menu!
  • Added a consistent color theme to the message log. Now you can at a glance tell if the message is worthwhile to read. May tweak later, as needed.
  • Much more! (will update this list in the future; last updated Feb 4th, 2019)