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The QB Roguelike Compo is a contest being held on Freebasic.tk (http://fbtk.net ). It was started by Jocke the Beast.

Participating Projects

Contest Description and Rules

Objective Create a Rogue like using FreeBasic or QuickBasic.

Requirements Have fun.

Judgement When the competition is over, the best entry will be determined by voting, focused on the gameplay of your roguelike, how well you have mixed the original concept with new stuff, if it's interesting and captivating to play, and so on. Graphics is not a requirement (that is, you can do it with ascii chars), and should not be included in the judgement of the game.

Teams You are allowed and encourage to team up, although you cannot be more than two people per team (for sake of competition).

Other stuff - Each person can only turn in one game for final judging, and same for each team. - You must submit a demo of your game every 14th day. That is to inspire each other and keep the spirit alive.