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Featured Roguelike: Epilogue


Epilogue is a roguelike developed without any care for maintaining genre norms.

  • Almost all information the player needs is on screen at all times. There is no need to search for the pickup button or the inventory key because these things are always available to you.
  • Characters have a combat proficiency determining weapon choices, and a class determining special abilities, but any character can use any equipment.
  • Every level has a completely separate pool of enemies and items and the difficulty increases swiftly, such that luck with loot is completely taken out of the equation.
  • Strategic use of consumables and abilities is the key to victory.
  • There is a god network as well as a series of character traits, so even characters with the same class may play differently.
  • You can create most of the consumables in the game through an easy-to-use alchemy system.
  • There are plenty of rare creatures and bosses that truly pack a punch.
  • For the dedicated, there are also 40 achievements to obtain!
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