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{{game-7drl| name = FireTail |developer = Darren Grey |theme = [[List of roguelikes by theme#Fantasy|Fantasy], Fire/Ice |influences = Hoplite, Frozen, Burning things |released = 15 Mar 2015 |updated = 15 Mar 2015 |licensing = GPL, Open source |language = Lua, T-Engine |platforms = Windows Linux OSX |interface = Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse |length = < 1 hour |site = }}

FireTail is a coffeebreak roguelike


In FireTail you play the last spirit of fire, battling against unending legions of ice, and ultimately against the dreaded Queen of Ice. It is made in the T-Engine and has graphics by Oryx.

Windows, OSX and Linux versions available here:

The central mechanic is a trail of fire you leave as you walk. The fire gives you free movement and extra customised powers dependant on how many fire spaces you have around you.

This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.



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