Friends of Yendor

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Friends of Yendor
Alpha Project
Developer RylandAlmanza
Theme High Fantasy
Influences Angband, NetHack
Released 4/8/2010
Updated 4/9/2012
P. Language HaXe
Platforms Browser
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length average
Official site of Friends of Yendor


Friends of Yendor (FoY) aims to be a multiplayer roguelike that complies with the Berlin Interpretation.

How turns are handled

What sets FoY apart from other multiplayer roguelikes, like TomeNET is how FoY handles turns.Once the monsters have all taken their turns, instead of waiting for every player to take their turn, there is one special turn, referred to as "The Turn." Any player can take "The Turn," and then it is the monsters' turns again. This way, the game remains turn based, and the pace of the game is roughly the pace of all the players combined. This game is not meant to be an MMO, but will ideally have small servers so that a player can join a server with a few of his friends. This will make sure that the speed of the turns doesn't get out of control.

Where to Play

Currently, there is only one server, and it is not up at all times. If you would like me to run the server so that you can play, join the Rgrd chatroom and ask me. My nick is RylandAlmanza.