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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Ruben van der Leun
Theme Dungeon Hack & Slash
Influences Roguelike
Licensing Unknown
P. Language English
Platforms Web-based, requires Javascript
Interface ASCII, Mouse
Game Length Unknown


ggRogue is a browser roguelike, focused on delivering a fairly cliche, but enjoyable dungeons Hack and Slash that can be played on the go and during quick breaks. It is completely web-based, everything is controlled via the mouse. You login, create a character and are immediately dropped in a dungeon, ready to face the danger within. Your savegame is updated continually. If you log out and come back at a later time, your savegame will be right where you left off.


Right, let me explain a bit what ggRogue is all about. First off, for the past few weeks, I had been learning more and working with AJAX for a web-based project and became very interested with the possibilities that it was offering. Second, I'm a regular user of iGoogle and also wanted to learn a bit on how the gadgets work. Finally, I wanted a game that I could always play in iGoogle during a quick break or when I'm waiting for someone. Finally, I wanted to have a game that I could easily build without worrying too much about graphics. And thus, ggRogue was born.

For the record, the project started out to be played in Google Gadgets, because the developer seriously wanted to have a roguelike that he can quickly pick up and play. However, ggRogue can be adapted in the future for different online gadgets.

Progress has been going pretty well. Most of the important features that I need are implemented, and I'm currently focusing on a simple dungeon-generating algorithm. Once I've got that done, the focus will shift on completing some needed features, and I'll likely go into a playable Alpha. Most of the stuff in there will likely evolve, like the character system and combat system.

Currently implemented

 * Walking around
 * Combat
 * Inventory
 * Character system
 * Skills upgrade

Needs to be implemented before alpha

 * Account/Character creation
 * Random dungeon algorithm
 * Moving from one level to the next
 * Death



Character screen

Inventory screen