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Hacklike games have two primary characteristics that separate them from Band type games:

  1. Persistant levels: once a particular level is generated, it stays that way. If you leave and re-enter the level, it will have the same layout, and the same monsters in the same state they were when you left.
  2. Small levels: each level fits entirely within the text terminal in which it is being played. For Rogue and its descendants, this means the levels are about 80 squares wide and 20 squares high, though ADOM levels will grow or shrink to fit the size of the terminal the game is played in.

Other differences include:

  • Hacklike games typically don't have a surface level town (or towns), and those that do don't have stores that sell the adventurer's basic needs, like armor, weapons, and means of identifying items. You're entirely on your own, including figuring out how to identify all of those different objects you find.
  • Spell casters don't need to carry around spellbooks with them; rather, they memorize the spells that they read from the spellbooks.