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HunterRL is a roguelike created by Alex Elson during the 2012 7DRL Challenge.

You play as a Hunter, trying to hunt down animals in the wilderness. You have many tools at your side, including Knives, Carrots (to attract Rabbits), Bear Traps, and a Tracker. The rest is up to you! You can lure Rabbits into an open Trap with a Carrot, or throw a Carrot and have Rabbits go to it, only to kill them with your knife. You could use the Rabbit Corpse to lure in Wolves. Wolves are much more dangerous than Rabbits and will attack on sight. You could throw knives at them, or attack up close. If you find a rifle off of a deceased hunter, you can use that.

The entire purpose of this Roguelike is to play with the AI and just see how many kills you can get until you accidentally step into your own trap, or a group of wolves rip you to pieces...

Download Link (Mediafire):

Photos of the game:

3.png 2.png 1.png

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