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The International Roguelike Development Conference 2016. A unique opportunity for roguelike developers and enthusiasts to network and discuss their genre in depth. Attendance is free and open to all, whether developer, fan, enthusiast, academic, journalist, or wandering vagrant.

This page is for the European' conference. For other roguelikes gatherings this year see:

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Init Lab in Sofia, Bulgaria. Rila 6, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria

More information on the venue and premises: [Init Lab About page], [Init Lab Wiki], [The Lecture Room]

(As I have received inquiries on the actual entrance of the building, I'm reposting the longer description here: The entrance is in the alleyway between the 2 buildings (the unfinished one on the left and the one on the right where the Lab is located), and it is the blue door with the old payphone. The Lab is at the second floor of the house. Also note that I intend to meet you somewhere place else that more easily findable (the Lions' Bridge [Lavov most in transliterated Bulgarian] metro station or somewhere similar) and take you to the Lab myself.

Assen "rexorcorum" Kanev [Tales of Maj'Eyal] is host. For all questions and other stuff you can write me at asen(dot)kanev(at)gmail(dot)com. I am regular on the ToME irc channel @Rizon/#tome as "rexorcorum" during the day and evening hours (GMT+2).

    • If you plan to attend, please fill in this [Google Form].**

The warm-up party will be held at Puzl (Coworking space).

Address: bulevard "Cherni vrah" 47, 1407 Sofia Phone: 089 969 6270


Warm-up Party 25 November 2016

Conference 26-27 November 2016


Registration is not necessary, but it helps to know how many people will come. Put your details below with a note on when you're around. (See also the Presentations and Demonstrations section.)

Presentations and Demonstrations

  • Darren Grey - 'What is a Rogue?'
  • flend - 'Recent procedural generation literature'
  • Nicolas "DarkGod" Casalini - topic to be announced later
  • Assen Kanev 'Of Textual and Graphical Aesthetics in Roguelikes'
  • Patric Mueller - Maybe a talk about how on how to get into the NetHack DevTeam
  • Kornel Kisielewicz - Jupiter Hell

Travel Schedule

Enter your details below if you wish to coordinate with others.

  • Patric: Arriving on Friday at 15, leaving on Sunday at 13, staying at Hotel Favorit.
  • darkgnostic: Arriving on Friday around 15h, leaving on Sunday at 12h, staying in Derelli Apartment
  • Darren: Arriving Friday at 23:00, leaving Sunday at 21:00, staying at Hotel Favorit.

Bulgaria (and Sofia) General Information

Getting In/Out of Sofia

Ryanair and WizzAir do cheap flights to Sofia, Bulgaria. There are also train links across the continent.

Travel Within Sofia

There is metro, trams and busses in Sofia. Ticket cost 1,6lv (80 euro cents) and it is for one trip only. You can change trains in the metro of course. There is a metro line from Terminal 2 of the Airport. If you land at Terminal 1, there is a shuttle that can get you to Terminal 2. Bus 84 can bring you downtown from Terminal 1.

Taxis are relatively cheap and easy to find. If you have internet connection you can use TaxiMe app to order taxis.

Parking in Sofia

Who is coming with care anyway? :D


EDIT: You can also check the Airbnb options, which are cheaper and probably more convenient than the hotels.

Here is a list of the available and affordable hotels. All of them are rated "Very Good" and above at and are in the price range of 30 - 60 € per night. All are located at nice places in the centre of Sofia and are close to the venue (some are just nearby - like 5 minutes walk, and some - at about 30 minutes walking distances or 10 - 15 minutes with the metro or the tram). Finally, I have personal experience with nearly half of them and can guarantee they are good :).


Video streaming equipment is secured. The talks will be live streamed and put on YT later. More details as the event approaches.