I Am Overburdened

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I Am Overburdened
Developer Magic Item Tech (Spidi)
Theme Tongue-in-cheek fantasy
Influences Enchanted Cave, Lost Labyrinth, Dungeons of Dredmor, DungeonUp
Released Nov 2, 2017 (1.0)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C Sharp
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Gamepad
Game Length Short (approx. 30 minutes), depending on difficulty
Official site

A silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots.


Overburdened Boxart Animated.GIF

The player takes the role of an artifact hunter, who has a surprisingly large carrying capacity, embarking on a quest to search through dungeon after dungeon for mystical artifacts and answers, in a world where magic has long been forgotten…



  • Run focused campaign, playable in short bursts.
  • Fill a huge inventory having 20 slots.
  • Find more than 100 crazy artifacts, all of them unique.
  • Learn the ins and outs of an RPG system which feels approachable and fresh, but familiar and deep at the same time.
  • Crawl in procedural dungeons generated from hand authored layouts.
  • Collect details about monsters and artifacts in your journal.
  • Unfold a funny story, packed with vicious evils, puns and jokes.
  • Immortalize your best playthroughs in the “Hall of Fame”.



What is this 20 slots, 100+ unique artifacts RPG nonsense? Simple, your “hero” does not get more powerful magically by beating some orcs to death and he is not a wizard either. In the world of I Am Overburdened the art of magic wielding was lost, but legendary artifacts and relics retained their power. If you equip these you become stronger, sometimes immeasurably, and you may even learn reactive skills and otherworldly abilities, but no sane person wears two pants…


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