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[[category:Stable games]]
[[category:Stable games]]
[[category: Roguelike games]]
[[category: Roguelike games]]
[[category: Roguelike-likes]]

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Stable game
Developer Alexs2112
Theme Fantasy
Influences None
Released May 19, 2015 (V 1.3)
Updated May 19, 2015 (V 1.3)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Anything as long as you have Python
Interface Text, Keyboard
Game Length Short
Official site of Idle Hero

A very simple roguelite game. You need python to run it. Text just scrolls down the screen and the only time that you take part is when you choose what you are, what you level up and what happens when you encounter a secret room. 9 Levels of dungeon crawling.

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