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{{developerinfo|name = Ido
{{developerinfo|name = Ido
|nationality = Israeli
|nationality = Israeli
|languages = [[Java]], [[C]], [[Python]]
|languages = [[HaXe]], [[JavaScript]], [[Java]], [[C]].
|projects = [[Fruit of the Forest]], [[CryptRover]], [[CaveRover]]
|projects =
|games = [[CryptRover]]
|games = [[Cardinal Quest]]
|site = http://code.google.com/p/cryptrover/
|site = http://www.tametick.com

Creator of [[Fruits of the Forest]], [[CryptRover]] and the prematurely deceased [[CaveRover]].
Developer of:
* [http://www.tametick.com/fisticuffs/ Fisticuffsmanship](2013)
* [[Fuel]](2012)
* [[Cardinal Quest]](2010-2011)
* [http://www.cardinalquest.com/detribus/ Detribus](2011)
* [http://www.tametick.com/ampa/ A Most Peculiar Adventure](2010)
* [[Fruits of the Forest]](2009)
* [[CryptRover]](2008)
* The prematurely deceased [http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/CaveRover CaveRover](2006)

Author of [[RogueLulz http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2007/11/29/5715/1869]]
Other games (including non-roguelikes) can sometimes be found on [http://www.tametick.com/ tametick.com].
Currently living in Vienna, Austria
Channel operator/owner of #rgrd @ quakenet.

== Medals ==
== Medals ==
http://www.roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2009_s.png - http://www.roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2010_s.png - http://www.roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png - http://roguetemple.com/medals/Medal_7DRL_2013_s.png


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Alias tametick
Games Cardinal Quest
Nationality Israeli
P. Languages HaXe, JavaScript, Java, C.
Official site of Ido

Developer of:

Other games (including non-roguelikes) can sometimes be found on tametick.com.


Medal_7DRL_2009_s.png - Medal_7DRL_2010_s.png - Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png - Medal_7DRL_2013_s.png