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Alias tametick
Projects Fruits of the Forest, CryptRover, CaveRover
Games Fruits of the Forest, CryptRover, CaveRover
Nationality Israeli
P. Languages Java, C, Python, C#
Official site of Ido

Creator of the roguelikes Fruits of the Forest(2009), CryptRover(2008) and the prematurely deceased CaveRover(2006).

Also wrote Falling Wall of Doom for the 14th Ludum Dare competition, Metapicklesis in the 3h game jam at the 2009 Berlin Indie Jam and the networked roguelike Flatulence Dungeon for the 2 day jam at NoMoreSweden 2009.

Author of the (permanently incomplete) RogueLulz(2007) tutorials.

Currently living in Vienna, Austria

Channel operator/owner of #rgrd @ quakenet.



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