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{{developerinfo|name = Jakub Debski
|alias = Jkn, Ilmenit
|nationality = Polish
|languages = [[Cpp]]
|projects = "Give me free time and I'll create the best roguelike" ;)
|games = [[Roguedash]], [[Bomberogue]] and [[Xenocide]]
|site = http://www.alamak0ta.republika.pl
Developer of [[Roguedash]], [[Bomberogue]] and [[Xenocide]].
Developer of [[Roguedash]], [[Bomberogue]] and [[Xenocide]].

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Jakub Debski
Alias Jkn, Ilmenit
Projects "Give me free time and I'll create the best roguelike" ;)
Games Roguedash, Bomberogue and Xenocide
Nationality Polish
P. Languages Cpp
Official site of Jakub Debski

Developer of Roguedash, Bomberogue and Xenocide.

Creator and maintainer of Roguelike Graveyard.



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