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[[Category:Futuristic roguelikes]]
[[Category:Futuristic roguelikes]][[Category:Hacklikes]]{{game-stable| name = JauntTrooper series
[[Category:Stable games]]
{{gameinfo| name = JauntTrooper series
|developer = [[David Scheifler]]
|developer = [[David Scheifler]]
|theme = [[:Category:Futuristic roguelikes|SF]]
|theme = [[:Category:Futuristic roguelikes|SF]]

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JauntTrooper series
Stable game
Developer David Scheifler
Theme SF
Influences Doomsday 2000
Released 1994, 1996 ({{{relver}}})
Updated - ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Shareware
P. Language ?
Platforms Windows, Macintosh
Interface Tile, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 9 hours
[{{{site}}} Official site of JauntTrooper series]

A not very well known old series of commercial sci-fi roguelikes.


It is Doomsday 2000 ported to home computers, with added graphics and sounds. It was not a commercial success; out of three parts of Doomsday 2000 only two (Mission: Thunderbolt and Mission: Firestorm) were ported to Macintosh, and only one to Windows PC. It is probably still one of the best SF roguelikes available.

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