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== New screenshots ==
== New screenshots ==
Trying out explosives and firecrackers in a nearby cave, with friends:
Normal gameplay, not animated:


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Library project
Developer Andres Löh, Mikolaj Konarski
Released Apr 12, 2008 (v1.20080412)
Updated Dec 18, 2017 (v0.7.1.0, aka 'Ancient troubles')
Status Beta
Licensing BSD3 (Free Software)
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Browser, Linux, OSX, Windows
Dependencies source dependencies are as specified on the Hackage page
Official site of LambdaHack

Play it in the browser! https://lambdahack.github.io

LambdaHack is a Haskell game engine library for ASCII roguelike games of arbitrary theme, size and complexity, with optional tactical squad combat. It's packaged together with a little example dungeon crawler in fantasy setting that can be tried out in the browser. (http://lambdahack.github.io --- It runs fastest on Chrome. Keyboard commands and savefiles are supported only on recent enough versions of browsers. Mouse should work everywhere.)

To use the engine, you need to specify the content to be procedurally generated. You specify what the game world is made of (entities, their relations, physics and lore) and the engine builds the world and runs it. The library lets you compile a ready-to-play game binary, using either the supplied or a custom-made main loop. Several frontends are available (SDL2 is the default for desktop and there is a JavaScript browser frontend) and many other generic engine components are easily overridden, but the fundamental source of flexibility lies in the strict and type-safe separation of code from the content and of clients (human and AI-controlled) from the server.

Please see the changelog file for recent improvements and the issue tracker for short-term plans. Long term goals include multiplayer tactical squad combat, in-game content creation, auto-balancing and persistent content modification based on player behaviour. Contributions are welcome.

Other games known to use the LambdaHack library:

Please offer your feedback on this thread: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=5454.0

New screenshots

Trying out explosives and firecrackers in a nearby cave, with friends:


Normal gameplay, not animated:






Ancient screenshots